Monday, July 13, 2009

Nash decided to take a bite out of each apple. I am sure he would have had a bite into all of them if I had not caught him He just wanted to make sure they all tasted the same.
Noahs birthday present he was pretty excited!

Tickle fight with Daisy to put her in a good mood sometimes being around all these boys can make you grumpy

Hi don't I look cute Mama finally groomed me it only took her two hours I look like a rock star so her new name is ROXY BUBBLES!!!!

My big sister playing with me it is my favorite!!!

Daisy just hangin out on a summer evening
ahhh ha YOU caught! I thought I heard some quiet crunching from under the table

Noah is still learning to walk so his brother s thought it would help to have him push them to get strong like them

just eating eating morning breakfast Noah is laughing or crying I really cannot tell?

I was finishing a hair appointment and I told Quincy to go in Noah room and talk to him because he just woke up from his nap. well when I was finished I came into his room and both Quincy and Nash got into his crib to play but obviosly he was still not happy.