Friday, March 13, 2009

I got stuck under the table I went into the other room for a minute and came back and this is where i found Noah

Nash loves cars and our dog bubbles oh and every time we see a dog their name is bubbles too.

we went to a family night at the babeball park and had hot dogs and got to see Star wars guys

Nice camera someone offered to take our picture kinda blurry but we are with Star Wars characters so I had to post it because its Quincy's Favoriteso the kids new entertainment is to ride their bikes around the table 5 or ten times then I fill up there pretend gas or I say stop I need a kiss they love it it will entertain them for over an hour its good when I am making dinner

oh sooo cute he was playing with this froggy and ended up falling asleep with it.

yeah my two front teeth are finally gone I got 10 bucks for these teeth the tooth fairy was pretty nice then she wondered why I still had her teeth after the tooth fairy came I just ignored her cause I did not know what to say and threw them away cause I did not know what to do then she daid my what happednto my teeth I found I said I don't know what you are talking about.

yeah I finnaly am updating my blog we have beena little busy which I know all of you who re reading this can relate if you have small children . I wanted to write some of the things the kids have been saying but now that I am here to write it I can't remember has anyone else felt like their brain cells are deminishing every second. there are actually can remember a few because they are about me "Mom your teeth are Yellow" Daisy " Mom your hair looks like a Grandma" Daisy " Mom you look tired". Daisy hmmm is she trying to tell me somthing am I starting to look Old no wonder I ordered a teeth whitening kit and made Ashlee cut and color my hair at ten o clock and we did not finish until midnight I needed an overhaul I cut my hair short I love it easy and way cute. Maybe I should ask Daisy's opinion first.